gout in ears

When Gout Appear in Ears

Gout In Ears

All of reported case about gout, gout in ears is unusual case. This condition where the ears are attacked by gout first than anywhere joints is very rare. But usually, ears attack by gout after joints or other tissue, or it attack at same time. What ear is attack first? Is left or right? Gout not chooses what ear attacked first. Sometimes, it can attack both at same time, left first then right, or right first then left. It’s attack switching in 24 hours. First, we must know why gout can attack ears. We all know that our ears haven’t joints, but its location is pretty far from heart. What is the connection? Ears has slower of blood circulation. It also doesn’t have veins. That’s why our ears easily get cold. This is the factor why gout can appear in our ears. Cartilage is main composition of external ear. As we know, cartilages, joints, tendons and bursa are the places usually attacked by tophi. The place where tophi mostly deposited is the helix. Helix is the curve border of the external ear. Tophi appear in ear usually in group three or more. It’s seen like tiny pearls at ear helix or inner curve. Tophi size in ear are different with tophi that appear in finger which like lizard’s egg, or at elbow that more like golf balls. Small, white globules are ear’s tophi form. It dimensions more similar to apple’s grain or rice grain. Beside helix, tophi also can deposited at antihelixes, tragus, or concha.  But it is more rare seeing tophi makes deposits inside ear’s lobes

Ear Gout Treatment

Try to prevent gouty tophi appear in your ear, because solid tophi become mixed with cartilage. When it is happen, it’s become difficult to remove, even surgically. It because tophi’s deposits in ears are more smaller than joint’s tophi, you should rid them quickly as long as you can reduce your uric acid levels sufficiently. There aren’t any specific treatments for gout that appear in ears. When it positive your uric acid level are high, try to reduce it. It can affect to your gout, and then those crystal dissolve and the tophi gone. Normal level for uric acid is below 6.0 mg/dL for men and 5.5 mg/dL for women. Do gout diet, eat more vegetables, fresh fruit and drink a lot of fluid like water, low-fat milk, and juice.

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